Macbeth : The Birth of A Lady

22 mai 2018

The famous French mezzo who, more and more regularly, has been dealing over the recent years with the great dramatic soprano roles, seems to have found a character in his measure. The warm and intense Béatrice Uria Monzon timbre is known: it works wonders here, spinning your head around the disturbing personality of Lady Macbeth. But it is what makes this unique voice capturing the awe of the interpretation of the Lady who never depicts a hysterical darkness, but rather – and this is much worse – a woman shaken by desires and heartbroken, fiercely haunted by power but overwhelmed by the forces that inhabit her.
The areas succession assert that multi dimensional personality. « Vieni t’affretta  » the first and perhaps the most intense one but in any case the most difficult vocally, affirms right away that this voice is made for this role : timbre insolently projected, dark colorations, breath length, inner energy in the deadly intervals, everything is there, the character is there.
But « La luce langue » shows another aspect, an overwhelming interiority, as if the blackness could dig a deeper abyss again.
And after the brilliance of the Brindisi that demands once again the voice projection, the great somnambulism aria, « Una macchia », the great nervous, internalized arioso hallucinatory inhabited by Béatrice Uria Monzon, definitely seals the contract between the terrifying role and the singer at the top of her possibilities. It really is the birth of a Lady Macbeth which this new production allows to reveal !

Alain Duault