Capriccio: Don Carlo at the Royal Opera House with Jonas Kaufmann, Halfvarson and Ferrucio Furlanetto

10 mai 2013

J’ai été très impressionné par l’interprétation très unique que Béa UM fait de la princesse Eboli.

Il y a du Callas dans son registre vocal qui est incroyablement dense et noir :
Elle chante aussi les couleurs et tout ce qu’elle chante semble avoir de l’importance.

Son air de Don Fatale fut plutôt brillant. Elle semble vivre sur scène et pour la scène avec une grâce et une fluidité toute naturelle.
Enfin, une fois n’est pas coutume, qu’une telle Eboli soit plus fascinante que sa rivale de soprano.
Avec la basse Furlanetto et la soprano Arteros, elle restera durablement gravé dans mon esprit avec cette quête permanente de ce qui la rend si fascinante.


I was largely very happy with Uria-Monzon very distinctive interpretation. I very much like the voice. The chest register is incredibly dark and dense like the Callas mould.
She sings with colours and everything she sings seems to matter. I like any woman who can act, make me care about what she is singing and bark those low notes like a beast.I also have to love an Eboli who is for once more physically alluring than her soprano rival.

Uria-Monzon was on better form with a marginally more accurate Veil Song and a quite brilliant « O Don Fatale.I was trying to work out what made her so engaging to watch on stage, but couldn’t put my finger on it. She moves a lot which can often be distracting and can come across as nervyness or mugging in other performers but here she just seemed to live onstage and her exceptional grace and fluidity of movement meant that there was never any question of the problems mentioned. It’s always tempting to call it « naturalness » onstage, that is there is nothing artificial that draws attention to the actor rather than the character but I’m not sure that is specific enough. And it’s not just looks – yes she’s naturally beautiful but there are other beautiful singers around who are not captivating onstage in this way. For me she will stick most in my mind I’m sure along with Halfvarson and Furlanetto. Will have to keep thinking what made her so appealing.

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